Built To Fit

7 Comments | Dec 28, 2015 |  Building of the Month

When the time came to replace a 70 year old garage, the Kansas City Tuff Shed team was up for the challenge. Not only did the concrete slab under the previous garage need to be replaced but the garage had to be built to fit area fire code restrictions. After the slab was replaced, the team was ready to build. Mother nature had her say with the weather and didn’t make the build easy, but at the end of the day┬áthe team battled through the less than ideal weather conditions and delivered the perfect garage.

The final result is a 24 ft wide Pro Garage with lap siding, custom doors, and shortened overhangs. The customized overhangs comply with fire code restrictions. To match the home on the property, the owners painted the garage themselves. A customized solution that looks this great isn’t hard to find when it comes to Tuff Shed buildings.

7 thoughts on “Built To Fit

    1. Hi Warren,

      Thanks for your interest in Tuff Shed! Since this garage was customized specifically to meet area regulations we don’t have the final cost of the garage. If you’re interested in customizing a garage of your own we can get you in contact with your local Tuff Shed office, just send us a good contact number and your zip code to ccare@tuffshed.com. Thanks!

    1. Hi Darrell,

      Since the concrete slab was installed by an independent contractor we can’t provide an exact estimate as the price would vary depending on your location and local contractors. If you could email us at ccare@tuffshed.com with a good contact number and your zip code we’ll get you in contact with your local Tuff Shed team. Thanks for your interest in Tuff Shed!

  1. I live in newark Tx. 76071, in a HOA .so I need to get good numbers on a bid for the garage, slab, and driveway to the street in front of the house … also I would like to match the outside finish (brick) and the roof with the existing house.
    contact info : mendor459@gmail.com
    (Note: I have to get approval from the HOA before any contract can be signed, and I will need to show plans to the HOA to get said approval).

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for reaching out! We’ve forwarded your information to your local Tuff Shed team and they’ll be in contact with you soon to start plans for your garage.

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