Adrian’s She Shed Studio

4 Comments | Jun 24, 2019 |  Building of the Month

Adrian needed a place to keep her mess. As a jewelry maker and designer, she wanted a space that would allow room for creativity without taking over her home. After a little research she found Tuff Shed and started designing her new She Shed Studio.

It was important to Adrian that her new studio fit her style. She incorporated antique doors and windows into the design of her new 8×14 Premier Lean-To, turning the shed into a true creative studio. “I worked really hard to plan the space and make sure my workbench and furniture would be a perfect fit inside the shed and still have space to host classes,” says Adrian. The studio is a perfect fit for her décor and all the tools and equipment for her art and jewelry, including a torch and kiln for her glasswork. Even with all the gear inside the studio, there’s still plenty of space for hosting classes and art shows.

The shed has become her creative paradise. “Most artists work best in a messy space and It’s been so wonderful to be able to work in the middle of that mess and then just close up the doors to keep it contained,” laughs Adrian. Inside the shed you’ll find a mix of vintage and repurposed materials, fitting Adrian’s style and providing a stylish backdrop to her jewelry collections. “I love hosting classes and studio shows inside the shed,” says Adrian, “My guests and students never believe my studio is a shed!”

4 thoughts on “Adrian’s She Shed Studio

  1. Can you share what she ordered from Tuff Shed for this?(ie custom walls, windows, electrical,floor, etc)? And was this built on a slab or ground/gravel?

    1. Great questions. Adrian’s building is an 8×14 Lean-To style installed on a gravel base. This style of building can be installed directly on the ground or on a cement slab, as long as the ground is level. The custom doors and window were supplied by Adrian and installed by our team. All interior finishings and electrical work was completed by Adrian and a local contractor.

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