As the only moving component on our buildings, we take extra care with our door to ensure its lasting quality. After all, you need a door that’s built Tuff so you can keep using your shed for years to come. Our patented door design does just that.

We start with a steel frame, sandwiched between LP® Smartside® Siding and OSB wood sheathing. It’s then secured to the building with our specially designed, heavy-duty hinges that are rated at 500 pounds each. Our patented, ergonomic locking handle is made to fit your hand comfortably and is designed to last – no matter what you or Mother Nature can throw its way. Every factor of our door construction ensures that it’s built to last, without bending or warping.

And that’s just the door.


A door is only as strong as its weakest component ­– that’s why we’re obsessed with the quality of every single part of our door. That includes the one-of-a-kind hardware like our handles and hinges. No other shed company has these…and we’re so proud of the designs that we put our name on them.

Our hinges are rated at 500 pounds each, with more than enough strength to keep your door hanging straight and strong for years of work. The engineers get all giddy when we talk about the science behind this design. They use words like cold-drawn steel bar and Derlin® bushings. And they light up when talking about ASTM corrosion-rated zinc plating. Our customers mostly care that these hinges are strong, operate smoothly, and won’t rust or bend. Check mark and put our name on it!


And what would a great door be without a handle to match? Our teams worked for years to design the ideal heavy-duty, locking handle with ergonomic grip. Just like our hinges, this handle is a patented, one-of-a-kind Tuff Shed original, complete with our name on it. It will hold up to years of wear and tear, and ensures that your shed locks securely from the outside, without any chance of locking you inside. Go ahead and make friends with this handle; it will be opening doors for you for a long time.


Just like the front door to your home, the door on your shed is the perfect place to show off your style. From black hardware, transom windows, decorative trim, accent paint, double and Dutch doors, there are 583,200 possible design combinations. At Tuff Shed, we’re not only focused on the strength of your shed, but the style of it as well. No matter how many options you combine to create your ideal door, the strength and quality is never compromised.

In fact, we’ve chosen many of these options to add value and more usability to your new shed.

If you’re designing a shed for storing garden tools and outdoor gear, consider adding double doors that make it easy to move large items in and out of the building. For secure natural light, the in-door transom windows are a great solution. And if you’d like to match the style of your home, our accent paint options and black hardware will match nearly every home.

So why not test out a few combinations and create the perfect door style for your shed? Just click the link below and take a spin on our easy to use, online design tool and create your ideal shed, door options and all. You can rest assured that no matter what options you choose, your door is built Tuff and will stand strong for years of use.