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When you think of a chicken coop you probably picture an old wood frame, rusty mesh wire and a soiled dirt floor. But those backyard abominations are ancient history.

With the surge in popularity of urban homesteading – the movement towards green living and self-sufficiency for urban living – updated chicken coops have become more and more commonplace in everyone’s backyard.

Urban homesteading is not a new phenomenon though. As early as 1893, citizens of a depression-struck Detroit were asked to use any vacant lots to grow vegetables. The mayor of Detroit intended for these gardens to produce income, food supplies, and even boost self independence during times of hardship. Similarly, during the first World War president Woodrow Wilson called upon all American citizens to utilize any available open space for food growth, he saw this as a way to pull us out of a potentially damaging situation.

And just like in those troubling times, farming still doesn’t have to be contained to farms or rural locations. That’s why here at TUFF SHED we are proud to provide our customers with an up-to-date option for their backyard – whether you live in the country or in the city.

The TUFF SHED Chicken Coop is perfect for homeowners wanting to raise chickens in their own backyard. The 4’x8′ design is elevated, making access to the inside of the coop easier, and creating a logical space beneath the structure for a caged run out. Like all TUFF SHED structures, the Chicken Coop includes high quality materials and free on-site installation. Standard features include nesting boxes with individual access doors, a main compartment with double doors, treated floor with textured resin overlay for easier clean up, interior roost, and vents in both gable ends.

With spring right around the corner it might be the perfect time to start your own flock of chickens.


12 thoughts on “Tuff Shed Chicken Coop

    1. Hi Patrick, thanks for checking out our chicken coop! Unfortunately we don’t have the final price on this due to specific upgrades added by the customer. If you’d like to look into a chicken coop of your own, we suggest reaching out to your local Tuff Shed team to design a custom quote. You can find your team at our locations page here: http://www.tuffshed.com/locate/

    1. Hi Sue Ellen,

      Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately we don’t have the final cost of the Chicken Coop since it’s such a customized build. Your local Tuff Shed team would be happy to put together a quote with the details of this coop or any other customizations you’d like to see. You can find the team nearest you on our locations page here: http://www.tuffshed.com/locate/.

  1. I’d like to see dimensions and additional pictures of the chicken coop. The only info I could find on your site was this article.

    1. Hi Rosemary, since our chicken coops are always customized we recommend speaking directly with your local team so they can put together a custom design that fits your needs. You can find the team nearest you on our locations page here: http://www.tuffshed.com/locate/.

  2. I searched your website but couldn’t find the dimensions or additional pictures only this article. Where can I get this information

    1. Hi Rosemary,

      Since these coops are so unique and customized, our customers typically speak directly with a representative about what kind of coop they’re looking for. That way we can put together a custom build and quote that fits your needs exactly.

    1. Great question, Yeraldina. While we do not feature Chicken Coops on our products page your local Tuff Shed team can certainly help with a custom design for a building that fits your needs.

    1. Hi Frederico, that sounds like a great project and your local team would be happy to help. Since we don’t have any specific chicken coop models available, you’ll need to speak with your local team directly for a quote and design. Thanks!

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