Preparation: Key to a Great Paint Job

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TUFF SHED buildings are built to last. But as with any outdoor structure, regular maintenance can go a long way to help protect your building. One simple way to add years of performance to any structure on your property is to paint or stain it regularly. How often will vary on the environmental conditions (i.e. weather, how much direct sun hits the building, are your yard sprinklers watering the building, etc.).

So what should you do if you need to completely repaint or touch up the exterior surfaces on your home, garage, or even your TUFF SHED building? Some of the very best tips relate to the work you do preparing for the finish coat. Most people hurry through the important first steps because applying the finish coat is easier, more fun and even more immediately gratifying.

However, taking the time to prep the surface, plan for the materials and protect yourself and the surrounding area will help you complete a paint project that is safer, more efficient, as well as one that looks and performs better. Here are a few tips to help you prepare to paint like a pro:

  • Prep the area to be painted by washing it first. If the building is very dirty, you should consider using a mild grease cutting agent like TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate). And if you’re at all concerned about mildew, add household bleach to a solution of water and TSP (3 quarts water, 1/2 cup TSP, 1 quart household bleach). Rinse the entire area (including the surrounding plants) thoroughly with clear water before and after applying the solution. If you use a pressure washer, be careful to monitor the pressure and the distance from the building to avoid damaging the siding or trim.
  • While you are cleaning your building, make note of any uneven spots that could pose a tripping or ladder hazard. Tripping and ladder falls are accidents that are far too common around the home. Stay safe!
  • If you have any exterior wood surfaces where the paint has been scuffed or completely worn off, repair it by sanding and applying a coat of primer prior to painting the finish coat.
  • Measure your area to be painted so you can better estimate the amount of paint you need to purchase. This will help avoid frequent trips back to the paint store, or being left with too much extra paint.
  • Purchase high-quality paint, like the PPG Paint TUFF SHED uses. PPG Paint is available through their network of company stores. To find your nearest location visit
  • When you’re ready to actually start painting the finish coat, cover the ground area with a drop cloth to avoid dripping paint on your patio, deck or plants.

6 thoughts on “Preparation: Key to a Great Paint Job

  1. We did not have our tuff shed painted; we are painting it ourselves. Do we need to paint a primer on it 1st, or does the wood come primed?

    1. Hi Tamera,

      Great question! The wood used on our buildings does come primed so you can go ahead and start painting. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions.

  2. I am getting ready to print my Tuff shed but need to know what best to use to seal/build areas that seem to be rotting around where nails are before I begin to paint it.

    1. Hi Cecilia, we’re sorry to hear that. We recommend contacting your local office for a site check for your building. They’ll be able to help determine the issue and help find a solution.

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