Nicole’s Tuff Shed Build in Four Easy Steps

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Tuff Shed makes it easy to get the shed or garage that’s perfect for you, your property, and how you’ll use the building. All it takes is four easy steps: Dream. Design. Deliver. Install. 

Take Nicole, for example. She needed space for her growing home renovation business. Read about her four-step journey with Tuff Shed, and watch the video below. 

Nicole’s Dream

Nicole Pankopp is an engineer-turned-influencer (@SimplyAlignedHome), and she needed more space for her home renovation business. She wanted a dedicated workspace, so she wouldn’t have to set up saws in her driveway every day—or work around the weather forecast. She wanted her garage back, too. 

When she found Tuff Shed, Nicole was inspired to make her dream workshop a reality. 

Black woodworking Tuff Shed with roll up door and pegboard.

Nicole’s Design 

Nicole used our online configurator to design her building. With just a few clicks, it’s an easy way to explore various options like building size, window placement, door type, vents, and more.

Our Tuff Shed experts also helped her pick out a clerestory upgrade and the optimal windows to get her plenty of natural light. 

Nicole’s Delivery 

Tuff Shed’s goal is to make the delivery process shockingly easy. As soon as Nicole placed her order, our dedicated prefabrication team started building. Schedule coordinators set a date for her install, and our techs even helped her with permitting. 

Nicole’s Install

A team of pro installers arrived with the pieces for Nicole’s shed on a trailer and got to work. Within a single day, her shed was up and ready to go. Nicole opted for a roll-up door, a clerestory window upgrade, pegboard, and heavy duty ramps to finish out her space.

In just four easy steps, Nicole upgraded from her cramped garage to her dream workshop. 

“My Tuff Shed is going to be a game changer. I can’t wait to not haul my tools in and out of my garage every day I work,” Nicole said.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Check out our online configurator and see what your perfect space could look like. 

What will you Dream, Design, Deliver, and Install? 

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