New Steel Ramps

7 Comments | Jun 10, 2013 |  Get To Know Tuff Shed

We’re RAMPING things up at TUFF SHED this summer! Whether you need easy access to your lawn mower, bikes, or any other summer equipment, our ramps make summer fun simple!

And now our ramps are even better! Made from the same great materials as our steel floor joists, our 3′ and 4′ long ramps are now wider – at 10″ wide vs. 7″ wide. And we didn’t stop there…we’ve also introduced a new moveable ramp that allows for the door to close. This ramp, comprised of aluminum hardware and 2×6 pressure treated wood (pictured) connects directly with a special sill plate and can be positioned at two different heights.

7 thoughts on “New Steel Ramps

  1. I recently had a Toughshed storage shed installed. The installers forgot to bring the ramps I ordered. They promised to return and install the ramps within a few days. Four days later they called me and told me they would be back the following day. They didn’t show! When I called back I was told that someone would be there the next day. Sure enough, at about my bedtime the next night, someone nocked at my door and gave me a pair of narrow steel ramps that was supposed to be what I ordered. These were definitely not what I need to make the shed useful to me. I am willing to pay more for suitable perminant ramps to make the shed useful but I’m having difficulty getting feedback.

  2. I am ordering a Tuft Shed TR700 from Home Depot. I will talk to them today about adding on a ramp. I see by the picture in this discussion that you have a new ramp with pressure treated wood to make it solid across instead of just to strips of metal. I like this. When I talk to the representative at Home Depot what do I call this new ramp that you have? They list a ramps (36″ long) pair for $66. You say this new ramp is 10″ wide now. How do you make it a solid ramp like in the picture with the pressured wood going across? What is its price? Can I get it through Home Depot?

    1. Hi Ron,

      Yes these ramps are available through Home Depot. You’ll be able to speak with the representative you’ve been working with at Home Depot and have them contact the local Tuff Shed factory about ordering a pressure treated wood ramp. From there they’ll be able to provide you with the pricing for the ramp. The ramp shown in the photo is a single piece, solid ramp that is connected with a sill plate. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

  3. In the picture, how many pairs of ramp is this to make a solid ramp? I looks like two pairs of ramps next to each other. Is this correct or is it more pairs of ramps next to each other?

  4. How much are these ramps we can’t find anywhere in Iowa to get a ramp for the tuff shed we bought

    1. Hi James, we’re sorry to hear about the issues in finding ramps for your new building. We recommend speaking with your local Tuff Shed office. They’ll be happy to help order you a set for your new Tuff Shed building.

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