Janet and Herb’s Studio Solution

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Adding a home workspace is a perfect opportunity to add value to your property. When Herb and Janet were first beginning their plans for a home renovation, they couldn’t decide on a design that fit their needs and their timeline. But at Tuff Shed, they found just the thing they were looking for. Janet and Herb’s studio solution is exactly what their backyard was missing.

Herb and Janet truly needed a multipurpose space. “We needed our new addition to function as a workspace, home gym, rec room, and a space for guests to stay if we could manage it,” laughs Janet. “But we loved the layout of our home and just couldn’t imagine adding on a whole new room.” After some research, they stopped by our El Paso showroom and fell in love with our modern Premier PRO Studio. Utilizing our online design tool, they put together a 12×24 Studio outfitted with oversized windows and custom doors.

Janet truly enjoyed the opportunity to design a custom shed online. “There’s so much customization available, and it was so great to see our future shed in real-time and design it to fit the vision I had in my head.” And as soon as the Tuff Shed team installed their new studio, Janet and Herb got to work finishing out the interior to fit their vision as well.

One Perfect Workspace

The 12×24 studio gives them plenty of room to create a flexible space. The floating desk in one corner makes room for an office for both Janet and Herb, with the option to move a workspace to the sitting area. Their stationary bike can be moved around the space as needed, and the cozy couch transforms into a sleeper sofa for guests. For a tall list of uses, their shed certainly does it all and more. “We just love it. It’s exactly what we had hoped it would be, and we’re so grateful that there was such a perfect option for our needs,” says Janet.

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