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Here at TUFF SHED we design every building with customization in mind. While our product assortment starts with standard models and sizes, our ability to customize backyard buildings is unparalleled. That’s because we always give our customers the choice to add options such as windows, paint, vents, shelving and lofts, plus we allow our customers to take customization one step further, giving them the opportunity to add elements like porches, alter the building “footprint”, increase the roof pitch, add tile shingles or metal roof, change to lap siding, etc. This level of customization really sets TUFF SHED apart.

Whether you want your TUFF SHED garage to perfectly match your house, like the building featured in the top photo, or if you’ve always dreamed of owning your own observatory (no-kidding), like the one-of-a-kind building in the bottom photo, we can customize your building to meet your every need!

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  1. We can meet to nearest location to discuss on customized tuff shed with two carport and storage. Our location is in Stockton CA area.

    1. Hi Joseph, thanks for reaching out! We recommend speaking with our Stockton team. They’ll be able to help put together a customized design for the building you have in mind and work with you to make sure everything fits your specifications. The Stockton team is located at 2754 Teepee Dr., Unit B in Stockton and can also be reached by phone at 209-462-8833.

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