Turning Cabin Dreams into Reality

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By: Lynn Burkhead, OutdoorChannel.com
Posted: September 12, 2014


Tuff Shed’s PRO Weekender Ranch model offers outdoor families an affordable, low maintenance getaway

As a kid growing up, I dreamed of one day owning my own hunter’s cabin deep in the backwoods.

Spurred on by tales of a North Woods deer and duck hunting retreat owned by Gordon MacQuarrie, the legendary Wisconsin outdoors scribe who penned the stories of The Old Duck Hunters’ Association, Inc. during the 1930s, 40s and early 50s, that dream burned brightly for years.

Nothing big and elaborate, mind you, just a quiet and rustic place like Mac’s beloved cabin that would allow me to get away from it all, hunt ducks and deer to my heart’s content, and provide a chance to poke the fire without being interrupted by phone calls, e-mails and deadlines.

That dream continued unchecked as I grew from being a boy into a man, at least until the realities of a modern economy, not to mention the financial pressures of raising a family pushed my cabin owning aspirations to the back burner.

But in recent years, as my two teenage sons and I have chased Texas whitetails and waterfowl together, that dream has resurfaced, usually during the middle of a dark night in cramped confines after a lengthy drive into the brush.

Go to sleep, I would tell myself, groggily remembering that I couldn’t yet afford to make my cabin dream a reality.

Until now, that is, thanks to the amazingly affordable, yet super high quality option that I recently discovered thanks to the fine folks at Tuff Shed, Inc. (www.tuffshed.com ; (800) BUY-TUFF).

Based in Denver since opening shop in 1981, Tuff Shed now has 42 local factories scattered across the country. The company is now one of the nation’s leaders for those needing a storage shed, garage, small cabin or recreational building for either residential or commercial purposes.

That even includes a forty-something outdoor writer who still dreams of a spot to get away from it all, something that the PRO Weekender Ranch offers at a price that will not wreck my mortgage, the kid’s college education or the ever-present dog food and vet bills for the Labs.

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Photo: Tuff Shed Tuff Shed’s PRO Weekender Ranch model

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