Holiday Vacation Checklist

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Safety and security is of the upmost importance here at TUFF SHED, as evidenced by our patented locking door handle and our steel reinforced doors! So we can understand how important your home’s security is too! If you’re planning on taking a trip this holiday season, your pre-trip preparations should include home security measures, so you won’t leave the family’s most expensive possession – your home – vulnerable to burglars.

Tell a Trusted Neighbor: If you have a neighbor who you know and trust, let them know when you’ll be gone and ask them to keep an eye on your home. Leave your contact information so they can reach you if there are any problems.

Secure All Doors and Windows: Doors and windows provide the main entry points for thieves, so make sure they are secure.

House Alarm: If you have an alarm system set up in your home, be sure to notify your security company of your vacation and how to reach you in case of emergency.

Notify Local Police: Call your local police station to ask if they accept vacation notifications. Some will let you leave your contact information so they can get ahold of you if there are any problems and in some communities they might even drive by your home to check things out.

Place Mail and Deliveries on Hold: USPS has a very easy to use online mail hold form that is available for most addresses. If you’re expecting a UPS or FedEx delivery, contact them with your tracking number and they should be able to hold your packages for a limited time at one of their facilities. Also place other deliveries like newspapers on hold.

Interior Lighting: Place light timers on some lamps throughout your home. A few days before you leave, set and activate the timers for your lights and a radio or TV to be sure they’re working properly.

Vehicle Protection: Never leave valuable items visible in your car and be sure to lock your vehicle if it’s parked on the street or in your driveway. And if possible, always park your car in your garage. Don’t have a garage? TUFF SHED can help you out with that!

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