A Tuff Shed Transformation

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Several years ago, Spencer Gibb was introduced to Tuff Shed. The introduction began a long-standing relationship with Tuff Shed. Over the years Gibb has turned to Tuff Shed for several projects including his own home. But his first interaction with Tuff Shed didn’t include purchasing a building of his own. Gibb’s girlfriend, Camille was living across the street from a homeless family, the Clarks, in Austin TX. After a disastrous house fire the Clark family was unable to rebuild their home, as they had no insurance.

Living under tarps without water or electricity and with no way to sell the lot, the Clark family was in a dire situation. The winter that year brought freezing storms and wind to Austin. Camille and Spencer brought extra clothes and blankets to the Clark family but they still felt compelled to do more.

Then came the idea of finding a more permanent shelter for the Clark family. After Camille spent a good deal of time researching Texas building permit regulations and guidelines, she found that the lot could accommodate a 200 sq. ft. shelter. “A shed seemed a natural and inexpensive choice,” says Gibb. They had seen several basic shed models at home improvement stores, but they wanted a more permanent, sturdy structure that would fit into their limited budget.

They decided to visit the local Tuff Shed Retail location in Austin, and after meeting with a salesperson, they discovered how customizable Tuff Shed buildings really are. They created a basic design and added as many windows and skylights as they could fit into their budget. But the new home wouldn’t have been complete withoutMary Clark’s input. They went to Mary to choose the exterior paint colors and when introduced with her new home Mary couldn’t keep a smile off of her face. After the new home was installed, neighbors and friends of the Clark’s stepped in to finish out the interior with insulation and any other necessities.

Gibb’s positive experience with Tuff Shed stuck with him. He’s continued to come back to Tuff Shed because of the customization options, cost effectiveness, product quality, and the customer service. Years later, Gibb is continuing to plan even more Tuff Shed projects and has no plans to stop.

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  1. Nice but one of the taller “barn” ones would have given her more space and storage – can’t help but wonder why some kind Home Depot or church couldn’t have donated some insulation and wallboard and installed it for more comfort.

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