37 Reasons to Choose Tuff Shed

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Finding the right company to install your new shed or garage can be tough. To make your decision easier, we’ve put together the top 37 reasons why Tuff Shed is the right choice to design, deliver, and install your new building.

  1. Your building is installed onsite by authorized installers,
  2. And is typically finished in a single day.
  3. Every new building is customizable to fit your style and needs,
  4. And you can use our 3-D configurator to begin designing your building.
  5. Our Premier and PRO series feature LP SmartSide™ siding with SilverTech™ radiant barrier,
  6. And rafters and trusses joined with steel plates,
  7. And sidewalls with double top plates,
  8. And 16” on center framing (just like your house),
  9. And our patented steel door frame,
  10. And our patented ergonomic door handle,
  11. And patented heavy duty hinges, rated at 500 pounds each,
  12. And a galvanized steel foundation,
  13. Topped with our heavy duty treated floor decking.
  14. All are backed by an industry leading warranty
  15. We offer a free onsite visit to answer any questions or address concerns.
  16. Our sales and manufacturing teams are hired locally, so the folks in your area know your neighborhood.
  17. They come to work at our local manufacturing facilities and showrooms.
  18. Speaking of neighborhoods, we’re well-versed in ensuring our buildings are HOA regulation compliant.
  19. For custom styles, we call in our in-house engineering team
  20. Who put together engineered plans to make it easy to secure any necessary permitting for your building
  21. We offer great financing programs
  22. Including Rent-To-Own through RTO National.
  23. Not only can your building fit into your budget, you can add value to your home with a new storage shed.
  24. Like a ranch style building,
  25. Or a barn,
  26. Or a Lean-To.
  27. We also offer garages,
  28. Recreational styles like our Premier PRO Studio,
  29. or even buildings for animals, like Loafing Sheds or even custom dog houses,
  30. And a wide selection of Cabin Shells large and small.
  31. We’ve installed more than 1 Million buildings across the country
  32. Used in 1 Million different ways by our customers,
  33. Both in backyards and for businesses,
  34. Including national companies like the United States Postal Service.
  35. Our CEO and founder, Tom Saurey began Tuff Shed by designing and installing buildings himself in 1981.
  36. We’ve grown to 130 factory direct locations across 36 states.
  37. We’ve held the same values in quality and customer service since 1981.

In the nearly four decades since our start, we’ve had the opportunity to deliver a product that we’re proud of to customers across the country. We want to thank all of you for continuing to trust us with your business and we look forward to seeing what the next years bring.

11 thoughts on “37 Reasons to Choose Tuff Shed

  1. Hello. I need a shed approximately 10×10 for a pump house. However because it’s beside my creek which is my focal point on the back of the house I would prefer not to have a steel building. My house will be a cabin. Could you please contact me. I live in the northwest in WA state. Thank you.

    1. Hi Paula, that sounds like a great project. We’ll be happy to get you in touch with a local representative if you can send a good contact number to reach you and your zip code to our team at [email protected]. Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

  2. There is a question regarding about insulation on the Job/site/Installer details

    My question is: What is done to the shed that is going to be installed is going to be insulated at a later date. Does it need something extra to be done?

    1. Hi Tito, that’s a great question. If you do plan on adding extra insulation to your building, you’ll need to let the team know when designing the building. They will add house wrap to the building.

    1. Hi Laura, our teams typically do not provide any extra additions post-installation. You can certainly reach out to your local team to see what they can do to help.

  3. We recommend a Tuff Shed to anyone who needs that extra space/room. We have actually owned 4 Tuff Sheds and each one was excellent. We had no problems with the quality of the product. They are built very strong & sturdy. They compliment any area and they added value to our properties. Their customer service is outstanding and when the installers come out to install the Tuff Shed, when they are finished there is no mess left behind. Just a great looking building for you to enjoy using for whatever reason you needed it. My wife and I give them 5 starts without a doubt.
    Ronald & Sandy F. – Texas

    1. Hi Michele, our buildings are installed on either a pressure treated wood or galvanized steel foundation, dependent on the Building Series. We ask that the ground is made to within 4 inches of level prior to installation and we’ve put together a guide to help you get the ground ready before the building is delivered and installed. https://www.tuffshed.com/is-your-backyard-level/

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