Premier PRO Tall Ranch

Premier PRO Tall Ranch

Our top of the line ranch style storage building, the Premier PRO Tall Ranch features 8' interior sidewalls, a 4'x6'7" door and the most overhead room of any of our ranch style designs. It's great-looking on the outside, and full of room on the inside. Overall ground to peak heights range from 10'2" on 6' wide buildings to 12'3" on 16' wide buildings. Available in standard sizes ranging from 6'x6' to 16'x24'.

*Heights listed are approximations, and are rounded to the nearest inch. Interior clear sidewall heights are measured from the floor to the top of the top plate. Overall heights are measured from the ground to the peak, are based on a 6" foundation and may vary based on the addition of skids or leveling blocks.

Sizes & Prices

TUFF SHED pricing and installation service varies by location. Please provide the zip code of your intended delivery location in order to view the pricing for your area.

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TUFF SHED PRO Sports Package

The TUFF SHED PRO Sports Package is a sports enthusiast's dream. Designed by professional mountain bikers on the TUFF SHED sponsored race team, this group of options is designed to maximize work and storage areas, especially when it comes to bikes and cycling gear. The TUFF SHED PRO Sport Package features:

    • Two wall-mounted Velo Wall Racks from Feedback Sports
    • 2' Wide Apparel Closet and Shoe/Helmet Cubbies
    • 3/4" Workbench
    • 7/16" Shelving
    • Pegboard and Hooks
    • 4' Deep Overhead Loft
    • Two 2'x2' Skylights
    • Ridge Vent
    • Two 12" Decorative Wall Vents

    The Sport Package can be placed on any Premier PRO Series storage shed.